About Mengi Apartments

Mengi Apartments opened in the spring of 2014 and is operated by Mengi, a collective of artists in Reykjavik. The apartments are located in the heart of Reykjavik in a standalone house, built in 1914 in classic Icelandic architectural style. The house was originally built as a merchants home with a shop on the ground floor but was completely rebuilt in 2004 and changed so it now holds three separate apartments all with a private entrance. The apartments were all re-modeled in 2014 and decorated with art by some of Iceland’s finest artists.

Mengi Apartments is located on a quiet side street of Reykjavik’s oldest and most famous shopping street, Laugarvegur, in the heart of Reykjavik where you can enjoy local culture, shopping and dining. The cities main bus stations are appr. 5-10 minute walk away and if you want to engage in the lifestyle of the locals you will find Sundhöllin, Reykjavik’s oldest swimming pool just a few blocks down the road.

Mengi also operates an art shop and a performance venue at  Óðinsgata 2 which is a 5 minute walk away from the Mengi Apartments. In our performance space we host events by some of the most exciting contemporary artists as well as international artists that occasionally reside in the apartments during their stay in Iceland. Events are hosted every Thursday-, Friday- and Saturday evenings and guests that stay over those days are provided with a special guest pass to one event of their choice.

If you are interested in experiencing the local art scene of Reykjavik then Mengi Apartments is the right place!


  • Really nice and clean apartment and super central location! Jon Thor was very pleasant and helpful. Follow his restaurant advises :-)

    Carolina, Copenhagen (Denmark) - June 2014

  • The apartment was exactly what we were looking for – great location, just 2 minutes walk from the landmark of Hallgrímskirkja church and a short block from the main shopping street. Jon was very helpful and provided us with some local knowledge on restaurants and tickets to a small gig at a gallery in the town (The Mengi gallery which is associated to the apartment I think). We've only scratched the surface of Reykjavik and Iceland and will be heading back. We'll definitely be keen to stay in the apartment again.

    Olly, Bristol (UK) - May 2014

  • Absolutely loved the experience. The flats are perfectly located (which you probably already know), and the host was very helpful with suggestions on what to do and where to eat. The flat, itself, was cute and comfortable - and since we were there in the summer, the blackout blinds were a godsend. My favorite thing about this place was that Jon (on his was out) told us to listen to the records that were sitting next to the TV, and we did, every afternoon we'd turn on the funky little record player and listen to some Icelandic folk tunes pump through the retro soundsystem - and it was perfect. It really was the nice little icing on top of a great trip. I cannot recommend this place enough.

    Daniel, Los Angeles (US) - May 2014

  • Very new looking, clean, and centrally located apartment. The late check-in in the middle of the night was no problem for our host. Thanks for staying up late! :) He even took the time to point out some important information for us. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and loved to listened to the Icelandic music records. The beds were also very comfortable and even though we had daylight basically 24/7 we slept so well, only our plans to see Iceland got us out of our beds! Thank you again! :)

    Claudia, Winter Haven (US) - May 2014